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Want to know a little more about your Layton Utah Plumbing Contractors?

Well, to start, we do all the plumbing that you would expect from you dependable Layton Utah Plumbers. Yep, all the plumbing, that wasn’t a typo. When it comes to plumbing and drain cleaning, your Layton Utah Plumber Pros are the ones you want to call.

Just what is all the plumbing? Well for starters it’s;

Commercial boiler repairs and installation, home water heater replacement, new construction plumbing installations, remodeling plumbing, main drain line cleaning, water softener installation and more. If it falls under the work of a service plumber you can trust that we do it!

That’s clearly not all the plumbing though. There’s much more. Fortunately we know that because we’ve been providing residential plumbing and business plumbing for more years than we can count. We strive hard to always be reliable and affordable Layton Utah Plumbers. 

Our plumbers are highly trained, tenured service plumber veterans when it comes to drain cleaning and plumbing services in Utah. We equip them with the right tools, and make sure they have the best equipment so they can do the job.

Something else you should know is that Layton Plumber Pros is just one of the ways you can find us. We are actually partners with Beehive Plumbing, so if you’ve seen those colorful vans driving around town with the Beehive flying proudly on the side, you know who we are.

When it comes to drain cleaning, plumbing, toilet repairs, garbage disposal fixing, water line replacement and all the other things that have to do with the plumbing in your home or office, we are here to answer the call. We are 24/7 emergency plumbers in Layton Utah and the rest of Davis County, so we’ll answer.

These are just some of the things we do as Layton Utah Plumbers. Have questions or want a free estimate?

We also partner with other service companies for services such as carpet cleaning, HVAC, painting, and more. 

Give Layton Plumber Pros a call today! 801- 695-4265

company mission

Delivering the best plumbing service for a fair price

We know you can call any service plumber when you need residential plumbing or commercial plumbing services. That’s why we work so hard to deliver quality plumbing that is affordable and still of the highest quality.

Our Layton plumbing work is delivered by Beehive Plumbing, professional plumbers throughout Northern Utah for over 2 decades.

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why choose us

Call Layton Plumber Pros at with questions about any of our plumber services. As experienced service plumber professionals we will gladly help answer your questions, and whenever possible, offer estimates by phone. When we can’t we will come out to your home or office to evaluate your plumbing problems and give you an estimate in person for free before you agree to any work. That feels fair to us, and we hope it feels fair to you. That’s what sets us apart as Layton Utah plumbers that people trust!

The Main Service Plumber Work We Do

Residential Plumbing

Home plumbing is a common thing. All homes have pipes, water consuming appliances like dish washers and laundry washing machines, drinking water dispensers and ice machines in refrigerators, and a variety of other plumbing based aspects. We want to be the ones to take care of those plumbing needs for you. Call (801) 695-4265

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is not something most businesses are thinking about. A business has employees to care for, customers to take care of, and money to make. We don’t want you thinking about clogged toilets or broken urinals. We will take care of that so you can get back to work. Call (801) 695-4265 and let Layton Plumber Pros fix it. 

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of the most common problems people call a plumber for. Drain rooting, drain cleaning, main line clearing… these are some of the names people call drain cleaning. Whatever you call it, we can respond fast and get your drains flowing freely again. We will leave you happy and your home or office clean. Most importantly, we will always be fair in our pricing.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing

Even if you call us in the middle of the night, when no other plumbing company will likely answer the phone, we will answer and we will respond. 24 hour emergency plumbing in Layton is part of the game we play, and we play the game better than most. We know that answering your emergency plumbing call is how to win your business for years to come. Call us, (801) 695-4265.

Water Softeners

Homes and businesses both like soft water. It makes a difference when you are washing your hands, washing clothes, washing dishes, and washing your hair. Soft water is also better for your pipes and appliances. Many homes have water softeners but don’t use them because they don’t know how. They may not be comfortable with them. We can teach you and help you start enjoying soft water. If you don’t have a water softener but know you need one, we can also provide new water softener installation to get you on track for a future of soft water bliss.

Water Heaters

One of the benefits of technological advancements is the fact we can now have hot water at the touch of a finger. Your water softener is the key. Water heaters should last a long time, but when they go out it’s a very unpleasant surprise. Even newer water heaters can experience malfunctions. Whatever the issue, we are happy to help you get the hot water flowing again so you can enjoy all the comforts that modern plumbing has to offer. Let Layton Plumber Pros be there for your water heater repairs, large or small. Need help, call (801) 695-4265.

Main Water Lines

We will be there for you whenever your water seems to disappear. It may be a simple issue, but may also be something major. Low water pressure is a common indicator, but so is dirty water coming from your faucets. No matter what is causing your water main line problems, we can diagnose it fast and get things working good as new again. Give us a call.

Main Sewer Lines

You probably don’t think much about what happens to the water that you flush down the toilet or let flow down your sink. Fortunately, it usually just disappears. Sometimes though, that doesn’t happen. When that’s the case, we can fix it and get things back to normal. Drain cleaning is a common call we get, so we know how to fix your sewer line problems.

Layton Plumbing Pros - ready for your service plumber needs

Layton Plumbing Pros is a local service plumber company that handles all forms of plumbing services, such as residential plumbing and business plumbing. We also do other common plumbing services such as drain cleaning.

We can help you in your home when you have clogged drains or experience flooding. We can help you in your business when your restaurant bathrooms are backed up or your office drinking fountain is broken. We can handle your main water line repairs, or we can fix that broken garbage disposal. 

Whatever your plumbing problems, we will be there fast and get you fixed up quick. We even offer 24 hour emergency plumbing in Layton and the surrounding cities of Davis County so you don’t have to stress even when you have plumbing issues on the weekend or late at night.

Because we live here like you, we will always give you the best our efforts can offer so you can feel confident in our work, and we can feel good about how we treat you. We respect you. We appreciate you. We want you to trust us and know that you can count on us.

Our fulfillment partner Beehive Plumbing is bonded, licensed, and insured to offer the highest level of professional plumbing services you expect from  your Layton Utah Plumbers.

We’re here to answer your questions and offer free estimates, just call us at (801) 695-4265.

Plumbing Services For Home & Business

24 hour emergency plumbing is one of the most important parts of how we provide excellent service plumber solutions. 

We know when you have a plumbing emergency you need it right a way, and when you do we will be there the way good Layton Utah plumbers should be.

As professional Layton Utah Plumbers servicing Layton, Utah and other cities in Davis County, we are here to take care of all your plumbing service needs. So when you go online to search for a ‘Plumber Near Me’, we will be happy to answer the call.

We do all types of plumbing work, so whatever you need we will be there for you. We have experience fixing water main lines, garbage disposals, drain cleaning, water heaters, water softeners, sewer main lines, pipe sweating, and many other plumber services.

  • water heater replacement
  • water heater repair
  • water heater installation
  • water softener replacement
  • water softener repair
  • water softener installation
  • garbage disposal replacement
  • garbage disposal repair
  • garbage disposal installation
  • main water line replacement
  • main water line repair
  • main water line installation
  • main sewer line replacement
  • main sewer line repair
  • main sewer line installation
  • new sink installation
  • sink relocation
  • sewer liner installation
  • new piping installation
  • piping repair
  • pipe sweating
  • burst pipe repair
  • leaking pipe repair
  • video pipe inspection
  • new construction plumbing
  • remodeling plumbing
  • toilet repairs
  • low flow toilet repair
  • blocked toilet repair
  • reverse osmosis system installation
  • hydro jetting
  • tankless water heaters
  • sump pump installation
  • ManaBloc water systems
  • drain cleaning
  • drain rooting

Call Layton Plumber Pros at (801) 695-4265 with questions about any of our service plumber needs. We will gladly help answer your questions and whenever possible offer estimates by phone. When we can’t we will come out to your home or office to evaluate your plumbing problems and give you an estimate in person. We hope to become your trusted Layton Utah Plumbers from now on.

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